Words Either Succeed or Destroy



What are Words..?? Words can make you succeed or can destroy your life even. Words have a meaning in your life so you should keep your words protected. You know when a word is spoken it may or may not have any value for you, but it can harm the whole world. Do you know these are the words which can create a love for you in someone’s heart and these are the words which can convert whole the love into hatred? Words can decide whether you are special to someone or not.
These are called the words that make the relations and bring to an end. These are the words that were spoken in the early days and these are words that are being spoken in the present. Those were words in adolescence when all your words were pleasant to everyone and these are the words when non is ready to listen even a single spoken. Those are the words that matter in your life and those are the words that you do not want to add in your life. Those were the words when you were speaking with your sustainer  and these are the words which are spoken with satan.

Words Succeed:

Words are in possession of potential for your ultimate triumph. When you come across a peril which may element your victory to cease. Then all the ultimate steps depend on your prime choice of words, which will be responsible for your victory or success.

Words that are like a weapon:

Words can act as a weapon, and even very fast and worst than any weapon. when a weapon acts it destroys one and a living being is killed at one’s, and all the pain related to the weapon is only impulsive, and it vanishes in hurry and even you don’t think of that after a time has been passed. And when you are attacked with the weapon this will hurt any single part or any other part also but after that, you will be happy when it vanishes you become happy and all the problems that you were facing vanishes and everything goes in a smooth way. But what about the words that are attacked over you time-to-time? I will be giving you the answers to you all your questions here Insha Allah. There are different ways in which words can harm you but the very killing are the words when your dearest and that very close to you and that can be your friend talks to you. 

Words as Love: 

Words involved in love are the reason of your happiness.