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Whatsapp groups for PST and JEST test preparation and past papers


To join for test preparation all the male members for sample papers prepare requested to join only male group and female are supposed to join the only female group, please cooperate with us

If anyone found to be in wrong group then he/she will be removed permanently.

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Requirements for appearing in the test preparation 


  • Matric pass minimum c grade (45%) marks pass mark sheet and board pakka certificate
  • Intermediate board Pakka certificate including mark sheet
  • Computerized Identity Cards
  • Residence Certificate from the Union Council / Town Committee
  • Character certificate from a Gazette officer
  • Domicile including PRC _D form
  • Passport size 8 photographs
  • Professional degrees/courses completed earlier must be submitted


  • Matric pass minimum c grade (45%) marks pass mark sheet and board pakka certificate
  • Intermediate board Pakka certificate including mark sheet
  • Graduate Pass Certificate including Mark Sheet
  • Computerized Identity Cards
  • Residence Certificate from the Union Council / Town Committee
  • Character certificate from a Gazette officer
  • Domicile including PRC _D form
  • Passport size 8 photographs
  • Professional degrees/courses completed earlier must be submitted


All material of grade 2 to grade 10 for test preparation past papers

Please click on the following text tags and you will be directed to the desired file.


12 highly needed factors, that you need for Personal Development. Life-changing Self-Improvement makes you succeed.

personal development

When it comes to the topic of personal development we have a lot of ideas in our minds and we think to have something to be grown-up in our personality.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Personal Development

From the name, it is clear that personal development is all about the development of someone’s personality. It is related to boosting someone’s ideas, thinking, talking, speaking, and behaving. It is also needed for the development of career, leading, tutoring, teaching, management, holding, handling, opposing, defending, supporting, grouping, job, discussing, loving, hating and studying, etc.

Now from the topic, it is a broad topic that contains a lot of things to bear in mind and to keep a track of the ideas and discuss all the things.

Personal development never ends. It is long lasting process which means there is no any fixed period to attain these qualities.

Rather it can be said likewise there is some fruitful age of each and everything in same way there is a fruitful age for the personal development or self-improvement.

But if someone could not acquire at the exact desired age for the acquirement, then it’s not to worry about he/she till can acquire such abilities by following the rules on this page/post.

In this tutorial, we will deal with all the aspects and needs to care while one lives a life. And the steps for all ages and all groups of life and for all disciplines of life, that how a person of any age can take the necessary steps to acquire a developed personality.

Why Personal Development is necessary?

Firstly, we should understand that without a nice personality a man could not be an attractive person. While when a person is so attractive we try to be like that. And that is why we try to copy someone’s personality to be an attractive personality.

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3 steps to know the culture of Appreciation. And how it revolutionizes the industry. That can change your organization. This step can be life-changing for you.

Culture of Appreciation
Culture of Appreciation






How the culture of appreciation can bring revolution in society:

  1. Culture of Appreciation
  2. Revolution
  3. Success

Culture of Appreciation:

culture of Appreciation is mostly needed. As regard culture of appreciation is all about valuing others. This culture is totally about whichever are the circumstances in the organization or in the gathering we should give value to others concerned with us by accepting their work and their struggle in life.

And not by behaving with them like animals or other types of giants. As Regards, we should work with all the individuals like we are one in any organization or gathering. This culture explains how one can behave with one another when someone is new with them or do anything odd with less knowledge or any lack of technical skills.

In this concerning issue when someone does anything odd, people ignore him/her and no one is there to hold him/her that’s why he claims to quit or mismanages things.

Whatever I know all about the culture of appreciation is to hold someone while he/she is claiming such odd things while he/she is not technically fit or emotionally or psychologically fit for fulfilling the desired activity.

A culture of appreciation is not only necessary for the losers but also necessary for all types of individuals who are in any organization. For example if you are a boss in any company then people will wait for you to have bravo! Consider for a while two types of managers, manager A and manager B.

If managers come in the office and after a while manager A leaves his seat and meet with all the employees and ask for the health and whatever are the circumstances going on with them and ask for whatever work they have done or whatsoever is remaining and whether they need anything for any purpose or they need any extra amount for their family and whatsoever are their needs right now.

Wholly solely we can say manager A asks for each and everything from their employees and helps them in every difficult situation and love all of them warmly.

And manager B while enters the office after a while call upon any of the employees and asks for all the tasks they have to complete and if tasks are not completes then penalties them for that and never asks form them for their health or any life circumstances are over there and at 5 clock leaves the office without welcoming the all employees.

What is your perception of both types of managers? Absolutely you would be having feeling good about manager A. Now, what is the reason, you know very well that is, manager A welcomes all the employees and values all the employees.

It is the reality that all individuals like to be appreciated for whatsoever they have worked and performed. And remember if your people are valued a lot then they work warm-heartedly in your organization with a lot of love and in a friendly environment. One should create a slogan that is you must clear and realize your employees (“our organization” rather than “my organization”).

The revolution that culture of appreciation brings:

One can easily understand what impacts will be there of the culture of appreciation. Because your employees are happy with you then they will work very heartedly and your organization will go rising. And they will work for you and your company will be one of the successes in that era.

If there is a culture of appreciation each and everyone will be valued and he/she will live very well and will accomplish a lot of tasks at a great level and each and everyone will love one another and will help all in all the difficult tasks. Any society could be a great society by following the culture of appreciation.

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“write for us” 1 technology guest posting and publish your post


You can send us your articles for guest posting

We are accepting the write-ups for the technology. You can contact us if you want your post to be published on our blog. You must have a well written article and that matches our criteria for technology. We only will accept for technology.

guest posting

Sindh Educational Organization Registration (SEO).


Being a member of any community society is the key to acquire relief for the sprit. So join SEO family for the success of the nation.


Please fill-Out The Following Form for Your Registration in SEO (Sindh Educational Organization)

please write your original name
Please write your father Name
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Widows program


Please help to the poor widows



You can donate your Zakat/Sadiqah/Ushar to Foundation

Use any of the following methods for donation


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7 life-Changing Engineering Ethics you should know to succeed

Engineering Ethics



Ethics is a code of conduct. It defines the right and wrong for one or a group in a situation. In terms of engineering ethics, to make any project related to engineering that is, that matches the public interest, harmless to the public, understandable labeled for public awareness, beneficial to public and environmental safety, and several more. Engineering without ethics is can be labeled as a “Dangerous Field” because it would not secure the rights around. Here I have considered a case study that will aware of the importance of ethics.

What Engineering Ethics is in Actual

When it comes the Engineering Ethics there is the probability that one can be out through his ethics of engineering that are how one should behave with machines and whatever the material with the Engineering equipment. We know there can be a lot of losses because of misbehaving with the machines and because of not properly dealing with machines.

One should know about what are the disadvantages and advantages of a machine so that you can have proper functioning of the machine…

Safety as Engineering Ethics:

Now while engineers are preparing anything for the public then they should keep in mind the foremost thing that is they should care about the safety of the public because if they are preparing any equipment for the public and the public is not safe from the equipment then how we can say that the equipment is best suited for the public.


As concerned with engineering, all the engineering is concerned with the people. And if there is indulgence of the human in the engineering then  there comes the health issue involved in the engineering. 


All engineers should show honesty in their work. Because if they will not show honesty then there will be no global use of all the equipment and the use would not be appropriate for all the users and there should not be discrimination between the users. And there should not be impartiality for the engineering. Engineers should keep in mind all the things that are for the public and are useful for the nation and no one will be harmed using the engineering techniques.


Engineers should pay attention to the eligibility of the equipment and show all the dangerousness of the equipment if there is any for the public and they should allow such engineering documents that are with conformity and show the exactness of the desired engineering equipment. While working as an engineer one should notify all the upcoming issues of the material to all the surrounding public.

Case Study:

There is a person name “Ahmed” living in small-town consuming average electricity. But his monthly bill comes more than his usage cost. This kept on several months and got tired of those paying huge bills. Ahmed doubted that in locality some other people steal electricity through his wire. That was not apparent but was true. He tried to get through this problem in many ways but he got no proof as to how does that happen to drag the case ahead. With him, other many people have the same problem. They were also the same problem but did not know the solution.

Fortunately few people discussed the problem with one another. Of them, there were also some people who were unaffordable bills. However, all those gathered discussed the same issue having different stories. Ahmed shared with them an idea of solving such a problem. He installs will install solar technology and will share that electricity with other people too with affordable cost equally for each who cooperates with Ahmed in buying electricity idea. They all agreed and the process went successful.

He arranged all stuff required and set it successfully. He started sharing electricity and put conditions on everyone who purchases electricity that is, to run a specific and maximum number of appliances. Now Ahmed not only got rid of the electricity bill but also earning from electricity as well as other people was happy who purchased electricity. 


Tabeer Scholarship Program 2020-2021 for you. Get benefit| Totally free



Tabeer Scholarship for students of Sindh province has been announced. All the students of Sindh who are pursuing their degrees in the Colleges/Universities of Sindh or either have completed their degrees, now can avail of the scholarship up to worth 400,000. All the students who are pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees from all the institutions of Sindh whether Public or Private sectors. All the scholarships or merit-based, students, have to pass the test for qualifying for the scholarship. All the students will be taken through tests and qualified students then will be contacted and after the interview, they will be given the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Tabeer scholarship:

For application following students can apply:

BE MS B Tech MBA B Com

How to Apply:

The applicant is supposed to fill the hard-copy of the form and to send it by courier at the address given on the form. From is available on the website of NTPA (Noble Testing and Processing Agency.) under there click on Tabeer Scholarship Program Sindh (2020)

NTPA Website:

Click on the following button to download the application form or Advertisement or future updates:

Or Download Form, Advertisement, Bank Challan by clicking on the following link


Last date to apply is 20-January 2021.

Tabeer scholarship

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O’Level Physics (Physics Matters)


How to draw Ray Diagrams for Plane Mirrors| for point object and extended objects O’Level Physics



Sindh Textbook Board Jamshoro Chemistry


Organic Chemistry (Chapter#6 Nomenclature)

Nomenclature of Amines and organic Compounds Containing Double and Triple bonds.

Advanced Mathematics(James Stewart) Calculus


The domain of a function

Sindh textbook mathematics for class (10 chapters)xii solution


Chapter #3

Lecture 20:

Lecture 20 (Q1 to Q2)

Lecture 21

Q3 and Q4

Sindh Textbook Physics for class 12 numerical solution


Chapter 12 (Electrostatics)

Numerical 12.3



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ICEEE’2020-21 proudly announces its *Registrations Call*

It’s time to Change the world with your innovative ideas,

Hello folks;

We are very glad to announce the registrations for innovative ideas. Think a system or project idea and join us, ICEEE is offering youth from different universities a great opportunity to present their innovative idea in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and new business model based on innovation and ICEEE also offers you a time to learn much more and hear new minds

ICEEE has much more for you that includes:

Keynote sessions
Motivation Session
Career counseling session

*Together towards Innovation*

*About idea:-*
An innovative idea in Electrical and Electronics technologies and new business models based on innovation.

Contact with me who ever want to showcase their skills and want add new Idea to this world…
Contact with me:

Email:[email protected]