7 life-Changing Engineering Ethics you should know to succeed

Engineering Ethics



Ethics is a code of conduct. It defines the right and wrong for one or a group in a situation. In terms of engineering ethics, to make any project related to engineering that is, that matches the public interest, harmless to the public, understandable labeled for public awareness, beneficial to public and environmental safety, and several more. Engineering without ethics is can be labeled as a “Dangerous Field” because it would not secure the rights around. Here I have considered a case study that will aware of the importance of ethics.

What Engineering Ethics is in Actual

When it comes the Engineering Ethics there is the probability that one can be out through his ethics of engineering that are how one should behave with machines and whatever the material with the Engineering equipment. We know there can be a lot of losses because of misbehaving with the machines and because of not properly dealing with machines.

One should know about what are the disadvantages and advantages of a machine so that you can have proper functioning of the machine…

Safety as Engineering Ethics:

Now while engineers are preparing anything for the public then they should keep in mind the foremost thing that is they should care about the safety of the public because if they are preparing any equipment for the public and the public is not safe from the equipment then how we can say that the equipment is best suited for the public.


As concerned with engineering, all the engineering is concerned with the people. And if there is indulgence of the human in the engineering then  there comes the health issue involved in the engineering. 


All engineers should show honesty in their work. Because if they will not show honesty then there will be no global use of all the equipment and the use would not be appropriate for all the users and there should not be discrimination between the users. And there should not be impartiality for the engineering. Engineers should keep in mind all the things that are for the public and are useful for the nation and no one will be harmed using the engineering techniques.


Engineers should pay attention to the eligibility of the equipment and show all the dangerousness of the equipment if there is any for the public and they should allow such engineering documents that are with conformity and show the exactness of the desired engineering equipment. While working as an engineer one should notify all the upcoming issues of the material to all the surrounding public.

Case Study:

There is a person name “Ahmed” living in small-town consuming average electricity. But his monthly bill comes more than his usage cost. This kept on several months and got tired of those paying huge bills. Ahmed doubted that in locality some other people steal electricity through his wire. That was not apparent but was true. He tried to get through this problem in many ways but he got no proof as to how does that happen to drag the case ahead. With him, other many people have the same problem. They were also the same problem but did not know the solution.

Fortunately few people discussed the problem with one another. Of them, there were also some people who were unaffordable bills. However, all those gathered discussed the same issue having different stories. Ahmed shared with them an idea of solving such a problem. He installs will install solar technology and will share that electricity with other people too with affordable cost equally for each who cooperates with Ahmed in buying electricity idea. They all agreed and the process went successful.

He arranged all stuff required and set it successfully. He started sharing electricity and put conditions on everyone who purchases electricity that is, to run a specific and maximum number of appliances. Now Ahmed not only got rid of the electricity bill but also earning from electricity as well as other people was happy who purchased electricity.